E&M was established in 2019 to provide outstanding and reliable storm drain services to your properties.
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After 30 years of subcontracting storm drain services for our asphalt company, we realized we could provide 24/7 reliable, responsive and professional services that can help you maintain your property(s) drainage system, saving you money on major repairs and resident and tenants Storm Drain Cleaning LLC. offers storm drain and pipe cleaning, pipe video, emergency parking lot flood service.
We can help you with the maintenance of your drainage system, saving money on major repairs.
As an expert in the field, we recommend to our clients yearly regular maintenance and cleaning of the collecting container in the parking lots.
This maintenance will protect your drainpipe from clogging and damaging the drain system creating additional expense and damage to the property.
Our experienced staff is available 24/7 to provide you with reliable and responsive service.
All our services are provided by a friendly, dedicated, highly professional staff that will offers fair, up-front pricing.
Contact us to request a quote or a free evaluation of your properties storm cleaning needs.


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  • Hydro Jetting

  • Hydro Excavations

  • Storm Drain

  • Catch Basins

  • Root Removal

  • Emergency Flooding Assitance


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