E&M Services

Hydro jetting is cost-effective and environmentally safe.

Hydro jetting is a popular service in the spring and fall and is a unique and highly specialized process that uses water hoses to shoot highly pressurized at 360-degree angles to remove blockages.

This method removes build up, hair, household grease, paper products, sand, silt, soil, foreign objects, and anything else you can think of that backs up pipes. High powered streams of water can dislodge any blockage. It can also clean the sides of pipe when build up has caused the interior diameter to narrow and restrict flow.

These machines are so powerful that they can even clear tree roots from sewer lines. Proper diagnosis of blockages is usually done with cameras inserted into the system’s pipes. Once our technicians see what is blocking your pipe, they will bring in the hydro jet equipment and get to work.

A hydro jetting can be even more effective than pipe snaking because of the radius that it cleans. Snaking is typically limited to clearing pipes in a narrow and straight line.