E&M Services

The main purpose of your storm drain system is to direct excess water to the main drainage lines and away from your building. During heavy rain events, your storm drains can have a great deal of pressure put on them and if they are not properly maintained, your property could be damaged by flooding.

Our equipment can also remove blockages in sewer lines such as roots, calcified material, and hardened grease.

We can handle any size drains and sewer lines. From service laterals to city mains including large diameter culverts and municipal pumping stations and interceptors.

Low-profile trucks can access storm and sanitary sewer systems in underground parking garages.

A storm drain is an area of infrastructure built into the ground that is designed to drain excess rain and ground water from areas like paved streets, parking lots, car parks, sidewalks, footpaths, and even roofs. A storm drain prevents excess flooding and makes areas safe to travel through. A clogged storm drain can cause many issues such as flooding, damages to the area, and hazardous conditions that are unsafe for regular foot traffic.